Vegetarian Dishes

Lightly Roasted Celery Stalk with Cashews 350g 750₽
Assorted Vegetables on Tepan 350g 780₽
Eggplants with Tomatoes in a Sour-Spicy Sauce 350g 580₽
Sour-Spicy Potatoes 350g 480₽
Sichuan Style Fried Tofu 450g 880₽
Assorted Steamed Vegetables 600g 980₽
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce 350g 680₽
Sichuan Style Eggplants 350g 580₽
Bok Choy /Chinese Cabbage/ with Garlic Sauce 350g 680₽
Lightly Fried Yam with Vegetables 400g 680₽
Fried Leaves of Romaine lettuce 400g 680₽
Fried Tofu with Sour-Spicy Sauce 300g 680₽