Salads and Appetizers

Laminaria with chook seaweed salad 180g 420₽
Daikon with soy sauce 150g 280₽
Lao Hu (“Tiger”) salad 180g 380₽
Roasted peanuts 150g 280₽
Duck eggs with tofu 200g 680₽
Champignons with finely chopped black olives 180g 680₽
Young snow peas with noki mushrooms 180g 620₽
Beaten cucumber salad with peanut 200g 380₽
Black mushroom salad 180g 380₽
Trotters with spicy sauce 180g 520₽
Boneless chicken legs and vegetables with spicy sauce 180g 680₽
Deep-fried beef 180g 890₽
Salmon sashimi 300/80g 1380₽
Cuttlefish salad with mushrooms 180g 980₽