Salads and Appetizers

Sichuan beef 200g 680₽
Fried Tofu with Sour Spicy Sauce 300g 680₽
Sichuan Fried Tofu 450g 880₽
Lightly Fried Yams with Vegetables 400g 680₽
Sour Spicy Potatoes 350g 480₽
Sour Spicy White Cabbage 280₽
Roasted Peanuts with Salt 320₽
Daikon in Soy Sauce 150g 280₽
Lao Hu “Tiger” Salad 180g 380₽
Glass Noodles Salad with Vegetables 200g 480₽
Laminaria with Chook Seaweed Salad 180g 420₽
Assorted Cold Appetizers 240g 980₽
Pickled Pork Ears 200g 480₽
Cuttlefish Salad with Mushrooms 180g 980₽
Duck Eggs with Tofu 200g 680₽
Beaten Cucumber Salad 200g 380₽
Jellyfish Salad with Whelks 180g 980₽
Assorted Meat with Soy Sauce 300g 800₽
Sichuan Style Beef Stomach Witch Vegetables 200g 490₽
Sichuan Style Assorted Meat 260g 680₽
Black Mushroom Salad 180g 380₽