Fish and Seafood

Kamchatka Crab with Truffle Sauce (whole) 100g 720₽
Boiled Carp in Sichuan Style 1000g 1800₽
Sichuan Carp with Sauerkraut 1000g 1800₽
Carp Sharp Xiang Shi 1000g 1800₽
Shrimp Sichuan Style 350g 1560₽
Sichuan Style Fried Shrimps with Ham and Vegetables 400g 1300₽
Assorted Seafood Cooked on the Teppan 350g 1320₽
Assorted Steamed Seafood 500g 3100₽
Shrimps with Wasabi 280g 1180₽
Kung Pao Shrimp 350g 1280₽
Fried Crab Claws with Chili Pepper 350g 2800₽
Singapore Style Dorado 320g 1050₽
Sun Shu Li Yu /Carp/ 780g 1600₽
Steamed Shrimps with Garlic and Glass Noodles 350g 1280₽
Grilled Pickled Branzino 350g 1590₽
Singapore Style Shrimps with Mango 350g 1260₽
Sea Scallops with HO sauce 330g 1680₽
Steamed Branzino with Broccoli with “The Wood Ear” Mushrooms 800g 1590₽
Sterlet Steamed Under Ginger and Pepper Coverage 100g 420₽
Sterlet Steamed with Green Onions and Ginger 100g 420₽
Steamed Crab Claws with Garlic Sauce 400g 2800₽
Sea Cucumber with Imperial Sauce 300g 3800₽
Steamed Scallops 4pcs. 1100₽
Abalone Clam With Imperial Sauce 260g 9000₽