Dim Sam and Dumplings

Assorted Steamed Dim Sums (Duck, Crab, Shrimp, Vegetables) 4pcs. 580₽
Gyoza with Chicken 6pcs. 460₽
Dumplings with Shrimp, Garlic and Egg Boiled/Fried 10pcs./6pcs. 480₽/420₽
Dumplings with Beef and Celery Boiled/Fried 10pcs./6pcs. 480₽/420₽
Dim Sam with Crab 4pcs. 600₽
Vegetable Spring Roll 180g 380₽
Shrimp Spring Roll 4pcs. 580₽
Green Onion Scone 280₽
Gyoza with Shrimp and Scallop 6pcs. 550₽
Dumplings with Pork and Chinese Cabbage boiled/fried 10pcs./6pcs. 480₽/420₽
Dim Sum with Shrimp and Mutton 4pcs. 420₽
Dim Sum with Vegetables 4pcs. 380₽
Dim Sum with Shrimp 4pcs. 600₽
Dim Sum with Duck 4pcs. 480₽