Beef and Lamb Dishes

Mutton with noki mushrooms in sour broth 800g 1080₽
Sichuan style beef 800g 1180₽
Roasted lamb with cumin 350g 980₽
Wok mutton with onion 350g 980₽
Stewed mutton in soy sauce 400g 980₽
Lamb ribs with chili pepper 1200g 2200₽
Lamb ribs with chili pepper 600g 1580₽
Stewed beef hoof 1pcs 2680₽
Sliced beef with vegetables 350g 1180₽
Stewed beef in soy sauce 400g 1080₽
Beef and vegetables cooked on the teppan 350g 1180₽
Beef tenderloin steak with mushrooms and black pepper 350g 1180₽