Salads and Appetizers

Laminaria with chook seaweed salad 180g 420₽
Daikon with soy sauce 150g 280₽
Lao Hu (“Tiger”) salad 180g 380₽
Roasted peanuts 150g 280₽
Duck eggs with tofu 200g 680₽
Champignons with finely chopped black olives 180g 680₽
Young snow peas with noki mushrooms 180g 620₽
Beaten cucumber salad with peanut 200g 380₽
Black mushroom salad 180g 380₽
Trotters with spicy sauce 180g 520₽
Boneless chicken legs and vegetables with spicy sauce 180g 680₽
Deep-fried beef 180g 890₽
Salmon sashimi 300/80g 1380₽
Cuttlefish salad with mushrooms 180g 980₽

Fish and Seafood

Fried sea cucumber 320g 4880₽
Sea cucumber at home recipe 320g 4880₽
Sichuan style carp with sour cabbage 1000g 1480₽
Sun Shu Li Yu (carp) 780g 1600₽
Grilled pickled branzino 350g 1590₽
Steamed branzino with “the wood ear” mushrooms 800g 1590₽
Steamed sterlet with pickled hot pepper 100g 420₽
Steamed sterlet with fermented soy beans and green pepper 100g 420₽
Steamed sterlet with soy sauce 100g 420₽
Fried shrimps 250g 1180₽
Shrimps with wasabi 280g 1180₽
Kung pao shrimp 350g 1280₽
Steamed shrimps with garlic and glass noodles 350g 1280₽
Sea scallops with xo sauce 330g 1680₽
Red king crab phalanges fried with chili pepper 300g 3100₽
Assorted seafood cooked on the teppan 350g 1320₽
Steamed scallop with garlic and glass noodles 1pcs 480₽
Steamed red king crab, red king crab fried with pepper, or served with truffle sauce 100g 720₽
Steamed lobster, or lobster fried with pepper, or served with sashimi and porridge 100g 1600₽

Poultry Dishes

Hong Kong style chicken 350g 780₽
Chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce 350g 610₽
Pieces of fried chicken with dried red pepper 350g 1180₽
Kung pao chicken 350g 680₽
Fried quail with spices 2pcs 1100₽
Peking duck 1500/200g 3500₽

Pork dishes

Sweet-and-sour pork 350g 720₽
Sweet-and-sour pork with pineapple 350g 680₽
Beijing style pork 350g 880₽
Pork belly with chili pepper 350g 820₽
Yuxian Pork (with fish flavor) 350g 780₽

Beef and Lamb Dishes

Mutton with noki mushrooms in sour broth 800g 1080₽
Sichuan style beef 800g 1180₽
Roasted lamb with cumin 350g 980₽
Wok mutton with onion 350g 980₽
Stewed mutton in soy sauce 400g 980₽
Lamb ribs with chili pepper 1200g 2200₽
Lamb ribs with chili pepper 600g 1580₽
Stewed beef hoof 1pcs 2680₽
Sliced beef with vegetables 350g 1180₽
Stewed beef in soy sauce 400g 1080₽
Beef and vegetables cooked on the teppan 350g 1180₽
Beef tenderloin steak with mushrooms and black pepper 350g 1180₽

Dishes in a Hot Pot

Spicy cauliflower 400/100g 820₽
Spicy pork giblets 300/200g 980₽
Spicy pork ribs 300/250g 1180₽
Spicy shrimps 300/250g 1480₽

Steamed Dishes

Rice crusted pork ribs 200/150g 680₽
Rice flour crusted beef 200/100g 880₽
Rice flour crusted pork 200/250g 880₽
Pork belly with homemade pickles 200/80g 780₽


Tender omelette 300g 780₽
Sichuan style fried tofu 450g 880₽
Tofu at home recipe 350/200g 680₽
Mapo doufu (tofu set in a spicy sauce) 400g 680₽


Lightly fried potato 300g 320₽
Lightly fried celery stalk with cashew nut 350g 760₽
Lightly fried yam with vegetables 400g 720₽
Lightly fried corn with cedar nuts 300g 480₽
Lightly fried leaves of Romaine lettuce 400g 680₽
Broccoli with garlic sauce 350g 780₽
Eggplants and tomatoes with sour-spicy sauce 350g 680₽
Yuxian eggplants (braised) 350g 680₽
Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage) with “the wood ear” mushrooms 350g 780₽


Shrimp wontons in chicken broth 250g 450₽
Si Hu Beef soup 250g 380₽
Malaysian soup with seafood 250g 690₽
Sour-spicy chicken soup with tofu 250g 350₽
Tom Yum with seafood 250g 580₽
Shark fin soup with crab 250g 2400₽
Shark fin soup with truffle 250g 2500₽
Fish soup with Matsutake mushrooms (Bzi soup) 250g 2800₽
Chicken soup with sea cucumber, millet porridge and pumpkin 250g 2880₽

Dim Sam and Dumplings

Vegetable spring roll 180g 380₽
Shrimp spring roll 4pcs 580₽
Green onion scone 180g 280₽
Gyoza with shrimp and scallop 6pcs 550₽
Gyoza with chicken 6pcs 460₽
Dumplings with shrimp, wild garlic and eggs fried 6pcs 420₽
Dumplings with shrimp, wild garlic and eggs boiled 10pcs 480₽
Dumplings with pork and Chinese cabbage fried 6pcs 420₽
Dumplings with pork and Chinese cabbage boiled 10pcs 480₽
Assorted steamed dim sum 4pcs 580₽
Dim sum with shrimp and mutton 4pcs 420₽
Dim sum with vegetables 4pcs 380₽
Dim sum with shrimp 4pcs 480₽
Dim sum with crab 4pcs 600₽
Dim sum with duck 4pcs 480₽

Rice and Noodles

Homemade noodles with shrimps 350g 580₽
Homemade noodles with beef 350g 550₽
Rice vermicelli with beef 350g 580₽
Rice vermicelli with chicken 350g 550₽
Singapore style rice vermicelli with shrimps 350g 580₽
Steamed rice 200g 100₽
Crab fried rice 350g 790₽
Chicken fried rice 350g 450₽
Vegetable fried rice 350g 400₽
Yangzhou style fried rice with shrimps and ham 350g 480₽
Eel fried rice 350g 590₽


Ice cream 50g 180₽
Crispy deep-fried milk 200g 380₽
Fruit wrapped in hot caramel (apples, bananas, pineapples) 260g 420₽