Sichuan beef 200g 680₽
Fried Tofu with Sour Spicy Sauce 300g 680₽
Sichuan Fried Tofu 450g 880₽
Lightly Fried Yams with Vegetables 400g 680₽
Sour Spicy Potatoes 350g 480₽
Sour Spicy White Cabbage 280₽
Roasted Peanuts with Salt 320₽
Daikon in Soy Sauce 150g 280₽
Lao Hu “Tiger” Salad 180g 380₽
Glass Noodles Salad with Vegetables 200g 480₽
Laminaria with Chook Seaweed Salad 180g 420₽
Assorted Cold Appetizers 240g 980₽
Pickled Pork Ears 200g 480₽
Cuttlefish Salad with Mushrooms 180g 980₽
Duck Eggs with Tofu 200g 680₽
Beaten Cucumber Salad 200g 380₽
Jellyfish Salad with Whelks 180g 980₽
Assorted Meat with Soy Sauce 300g 800₽
Sichuan Style Beef Stomach Witch Vegetables 200g 490₽
Sichuan Style Assorted Meat 260g 680₽
Black Mushroom Salad 180g 380₽
Assorted Steamed Dim Sums (Duck, Crab, Shrimp, Vegetables) 4pcs. 580₽
Gyoza with Chicken 6pcs. 460₽
Dumplings with Shrimp, Garlic and Egg Boiled/Fried 10pcs./6pcs. 480₽/420₽
Dumplings with Beef and Celery Boiled/Fried 10pcs./6pcs. 480₽/420₽
Dim Sam with Crab 4pcs. 600₽
Vegetable Spring Roll 180g 380₽
Shrimp Spring Roll 4pcs. 580₽
Green Onion Scone 280₽
Gyoza with Shrimp and Scallop 6pcs. 550₽
Dumplings with Pork and Chinese Cabbage boiled/fried 10pcs./6pcs. 480₽/420₽
Dim Sum with Shrimp and Mutton 4pcs. 420₽
Dim Sum with Vegetables 4pcs. 380₽
Dim Sum with Shrimp 4pcs. 600₽
Dim Sum with Duck 4pcs. 480₽
Wonton with Prawns in Chicken Broth 250g 450₽
Sour Spicy Chicken and Tofu Soup 250g 430₽
Beef Soup “Si Hu” 250g 480₽
Sea Cucumber Soup Chicken Broth with Pumpkin and Millet 250g 3500₽
Fish Soup Bzi with Matsutake Mushrooms 250g 2800₽
Malaysian Soup 250g 690₽
Tom Yam Seafood 250g 670₽
Shark Fin Soup with Crab 250g 2400₽
Shark Fin Soup with Truffle 250g 2500₽
Baked Chicken 500g 680₽
Hong Kong Style Chicken 350g 780₽
Fried Quail with Spices 2pcs. 1100₽
Sichuan Style Chicken 320g 750₽
King Pao Chicken 350g 680₽
Chicken Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce 350g 610₽
Peking Duck 1500g 3500₽
Kamchatka Crab with Truffle Sauce (whole) 100g 720₽
Boiled Carp in Sichuan Style 1000g 1800₽
Sichuan Carp with Sauerkraut 1000g 1800₽
Carp Sharp Xiang Shi 1000g 1800₽
Shrimp Sichuan Style 350g 1560₽
Sichuan Style Fried Shrimps with Ham and Vegetables 400g 1300₽
Assorted Seafood Cooked on the Teppan 350g 1320₽
Assorted Steamed Seafood 500g 3100₽
Shrimps with Wasabi 280g 1180₽
Kung Pao Shrimp 350g 1280₽
Fried Crab Claws with Chili Pepper 350g 2800₽
Singapore Style Dorado 320g 1050₽
Sun Shu Li Yu /Carp/ 780g 1600₽
Steamed Shrimps with Garlic and Glass Noodles 350g 1280₽
Grilled Pickled Branzino 350g 1590₽
Singapore Style Shrimps with Mango 350g 1260₽
Sea Scallops with HO sauce 330g 1680₽
Steamed Branzino with Broccoli with “The Wood Ear” Mushrooms 800g 1590₽
Sterlet Steamed Under Ginger and Pepper Coverage 100g 420₽
Sterlet Steamed with Green Onions and Ginger 100g 420₽
Steamed Crab Claws with Garlic Sauce 400g 2800₽
Sea Cucumber with Imperial Sauce 300g 3800₽
Steamed Scallops 4pcs. 1100₽
Abalone Clam With Imperial Sauce 260g 9000₽
Fried Beef Xiang Shi 350g 1150₽
Chicken Breast with Vegetables on Tepan 350g 880₽
Pork with Vegetables on Tepan 350g 980₽
Lamb with Vegetables on Tepan 350g 1190₽
Mao Se Van 800g 1490₽
Sichuan Style Lamb Ribs 600g/1580₽ 1200g/2200₽
Beef and Vegetables Cooked on the Teppan 400g 1190₽
MAPO Doufu /Tofu Set in a Spicy Sauce/ 400g 680₽
Pork Belly with Chili Pepper 350g 800₽
Yuxian Pork 350g 780₽
Pan Seared Pork Ribs 450g 880₽
Sweet and Sour Pork 350g 650₽
Wok Mutton with Leeks 350g 980₽
Wok Mutton with Fresh Chilli Pepper 350g 980₽
Wok Beef with Red Pepper 350g 1190₽
Lightly Roasted Celery Stalk with Cashews 350g 750₽
Assorted Vegetables on Tepan 350g 780₽
Eggplants with Tomatoes in a Sour-Spicy Sauce 350g 580₽
Sour-Spicy Potatoes 350g 480₽
Sichuan Style Fried Tofu 450g 880₽
Assorted Steamed Vegetables 600g 980₽
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce 350g 680₽
Sichuan Style Eggplants 350g 580₽
Bok Choy /Chinese Cabbage/ with Garlic Sauce 350g 680₽
Lightly Fried Yam with Vegetables 400g 680₽
Fried Leaves of Romaine lettuce 400g 680₽
Fried Tofu with Sour-Spicy Sauce 300g 680₽
Homemade Noodles with Shrimps 350g 590₽
Homemade Noodles with Vegetables 350g 520₽
Fried Potato Noodles with Sauerkraut 400g 680₽
Fried Potato Noodles with Pickled Daikon 400g 680₽
Fried Rice with Chicken 350g 450₽
Fried Rice with Vegetables 350g 400₽
Yangzhou Style Fried Rice 350g 480₽
Homemade Noodles with Beef 350g 550₽
Singapore Style Rice Vermicelli with Shrimps 350g 650₽
Rice Vermicelli with Chicken/Beef 350g 550₽/580₽
Crab Fried Rice 350g 790₽
Eel Fried Rice 350g 590₽
Fresh berries 50g 250₽
Honey Cake 150g 490₽
Ice Cream Assortment 50g 180₽
Amber Nut 120g 450₽
Crispy Deep-Fried Milk 200g 380₽
Fruit Wrapped in Hot Caramel 260g 420₽
Fruit Bowl 1000g 1200₽