Welcome to Silk Road!

We invite you to relax and enjoy all the shades of Chinese cuisine in the restaurant “Silk Road”. Here you will find a wonderful atmosphere that combines the traditions of China with modern trends. A cozy interior with soft sofas, screens, beautiful decor will make you feel in the heart of China.

The menu offers dishes from various provinces of China – from southern to northern. In our restaurant, everyone will be able to find something to their liking. The menu pays special attention to seafood dishes. In the main hall there is a large aquarium in which you yourself can choose your future dish, as is customary in the best places in China.

Come with your family and children – here you will find comfortable seating areas, and separate rooms for parties, and a children’s room for kids who are bored at the table.

About Restaurant

The interior of the restaurant will allow everyone to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Kingdom. Numerous columns, colorful design will help briefly forget that outside the windows is the center of Moscow, with its eternal bustle and high pace of life.

You can book a table in the common room, choose a comfortable place in the gallery with soft sofas, book one of four tables on the podium or a cozy gazebo. And for holidays, corporate parties and lovers of solitude, we have 3 separate VIP-rooms, with a capacity of 8, 16 and 20 people.

Restaurant Menu

Here you will find a huge selection of dishes from various provinces of China. We are constantly in search of new ideas, and we select recipes on the principle of combining “culture and style” with “useful delicacies.” We pay special attention to the quality of products, the perfection of technology and the shades of taste. In our pursuit of excellence, we offer our guests a unique “Chinese dish that creates mood”.

We consider ourselves a family restaurant, and therefore the menu contains many recipes that are useful for children and people on a diet. Here you will find dishes of meat and fish, poultry and seafood.

In the restaurant “Silk Road” you will find the atmosphere of this China and a huge selection of great flavors!

Banquets, Weddings, Birthdays

Order your celebration in the restaurant “Silk Road” – we know how to make your holiday unforgettable! For small family parties or corporate events, you can always book one of the individual rooms. And for a big and noisy wedding you will need, of course, a large hall.

We will help you choose the menu so that each of your guests will be pleased. We will help organize a celebration, think over all the details of your event, taking into account its features.

A birthday, wedding anniversary, friendly party or a big banquet in our restaurant will be unforgettable. And neither you nor your guests need to worry about whom to leave the children with. Take them with you! While you are enjoying the delicacies, the kids will have a great time in our children’s room.

Call and order your special holiday right now!

Children's playroom

You can relax in our restaurant while the children are busy in the safe playroom.

A games room awaits little visitors any day of the week. You will be delighted with the treats and the opportunity to relax with the whole family.

We will be glad to see you and your kids!

Our Advantages

Restaurant for the whole family

We are focused, first of all, on family rest and friendly parties. We always have delicacies and entertainment for all ages.


Our restaurant contains dishes from different provinces of China. We use only the best products and spices, constantly striving for perfection.

Comfort and style

We carefully recreated the atmosphere of the Middle Kingdom, not forgetting about the comfort of visitors. You are waiting for several separate zones and separate rooms.